♦ Fertility is a theme across the novel from the arrival of the first period, through to menopause. Discuss the emotional impact of a monthly period, missing a period, and the loss of them on women’s lives.

♦ Online dating has replaced the weekly dance/disco/nightclub as a way of meeting people. What are the pitfalls and the positives of online dating? Do you think being “friends with benefits” ever works?

♦ Experiencing grief can distance us from the life we know by changing our thinking and our emotional responses. What are some strategies to help us connect again?

♦ Love and trust go hand in hand. When someone we love betrays us, they inflict incredible pain, leaving us questioning not only everything we believed about the relationship but everything about ourselves. Can you forgive someone and still not trust them or does true forgiveness come from learning to trust again? 

♦ Inspirational quotes lead us to believe that sisters are each other’s best friend. Do you agree? Do sisters have a special bond that is stronger than friendship with another woman? 

♦ A popular phrase at the moment is “toxic friendship.” Do you think Libby and Jess had a toxic friendship? If not, how would you describe their connection?

♦ Many women have one “bestie.” Have you ever fallen out with a best friend? What were the ramifications?•    

♦ Do you think expectations of best friends can be higher than that of family? Why?


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