Australia & New Zealand Edition

Released : August 2011



Three Flying Doctor themed medical romances set in the outback of Australia including the very popular Warragurra Duo.

Experience the high octane medical drama, laughter, tears, and the happy-ever-afters in A Wedding In Warragurra, The Playboy Doctor's Marriage Proposal and The Doctor Claims His Bride. Under the heat of the Outback sun, these doctors are saving lives from the sky!

(The three books can be purchased separately as eBooks outside of Australia and NZ wherever you buy your books)


A Wedding In Warragurra

Single father Dr Baden Tremont moved to the Outback for a fresh start, and is focusing on raising his young daughter and his job as a flying doctor. But working together side by side with new flight nurse Kate Lawson, Baden realises that there's more to life than his work. They have both loved and lost in the past, and it will take courage now if they are to be a family together. Baden decides that he's going to make that happen. Somehow, some way, he's going to make Kate his Outback bride...


The Playboy Doctor's Marriage Proposal

Emily Tippett is a fabulous nurse - all the residents of Warragurra love her. Yet rarely does anyone see the real woman hiding behind the uniform - that is until her gorgeous new boss Linton Gregory arrives.

On the face of it, Linton is not what Emily needs. An expert at protecting his own heart, this charming doctor prefers to date and move on...But Linton has seen the beauty that Emily is trying to hide - and she has captured his heart. He's ready to go from playboy doctor to husband-to-be!


The Doctor Claims His Bride

A nurse worth waiting for. Nurse Mia Latham thinks she's found the perfect solution to get her life in order -- a new job on an idyllic tropical island. But, thanks to her arrogant, teasing and devastatingly handsome new boss, Dr Flynn Harrington, life isn't quite as simple as she might have hoped!

Flynn can see Mia is hiding secrets, but the one thing she can't disguise is her passion for him! Flynn knows a thing or two about running away, but something about this beautiful nurse makes him want to unpack his suitcases and settle down with Mia!