"With the perfect mixture of romance, sadness and Australian/American wise-cracking, Boomerang Bride is one of the best romance novels this reviewer has read in a long time. Top Pick." RT Book Reviews


"With Boomerang Bride I got a Kristan Higgins and Nora Roberts feel. You get the fun sharp wit with very likeable characters like Kristan Higgins and then the hot and steamy scenes like Nora Roberts. There are no negative words to say when it comes to this book. I mean, come on, if you read a book and you wish you were the characters best friend then you know it’s good." 5♥. Chick Lit = The New Black


"Oh guys! How much did I love this book? The answer? A lot. A lot. So much!" Kate Cuthbert


"I recommend Boomerang Bride to fans of romance novels with soul. The characters and the town itself are well written and come alive. The story is complete, rich and satisfying. Although, now I am thinking about that cake. Take the time and read the Boomerang Bride, it will not disappoint fans of well-written romance."   4* Sharon The Librarian


"I liked author Fiona Lowe’s style. It seemed like she was writing about real people in situations that could happen. Scenarios came alive as do people with her use of dialogue and situation that help us know them better. Boomerang Bride is well worth reading and I recommend it for an emotionally satisfying story."  5* Nas Dean 


"For me, Boomerang Bride was just sheer magic to lose myself in." 5* Maldvian Book Reviewer


"The love story was sweet and beautiful and I hope to see more of Lowe in the future." B. The Book Pushers