Daughter of Mine


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'Fiona Lowe brings us a world of deception, betrayal, and family secrets – you won’t put this down.' Better Reading 


'Daughter of Mine is a readable and thoughtful book. It has winner written all over it.' The Weekly Times


'A sweeping Australian novel of lost love and tangled family secrets.'  Australian Country Magazine


'...a real page-turner...' Cairn's Eye


'An exceptionally magnificent read.' Talking Books Blog


With an easy going writing style and an engaging story, ‘Daughter of Mine’ proved to be a most enjoyable novel. Here you will find past and recent complicated family secrets and lies, loves come and go and a range of emotions from the young through to serious mental issues are covered. What I truly embraced with this book was the realistic and authentic dialogue, not only between family, but also those extending beyond that. Great Reads and Tea Leaves.


Daughter of Mine drew me into the world of the Chirnwell sisters and their loves, losses and dreams, as well as the expectations, secrets and betrayals that complicate their lives. And yet, while this is about sisters to a degree, it’s even more so about daughters and the relationships they have with their mothers and as mothers. It’s as the sisters deal with changes in their mother’s life that old resentments surface, and the impacts are far reaching. The different perspectives are well drawn, giving insight into the resentments as well as the reflections that follow – for some this growth happens faster than others. What Fiona Lowe articulates so well is the way hurts are carried over from one generation to the next, sometimes consciously and sometimes not. And there’s a gentle reminder that sometimes hurt needs to be set free, enabling others to have freedom. As a mother, daughter and sister, I related to Daughter of Mine on several levels, resulting in not only a great read, but something that held meaning for me. It’s a long book, at approx 500 pages, but its ease of reading and engaging storyline kept me turning pages to the end. Write One Notes


Daughter Of Mine by Fiona Lowe was a tumultuous, 360 degree story, filled with so many obstacles and heartache and twists for the portrayed characters. Energetic, opinionated personas that were prickly at first, but nevertheless, they grew on you. Characters that had this readers opinions turning. Events and circumstances, secrets and lies. An exceptionally magnificent read. From the start I was gripped by the happenings within the events of the small town setting, and the vivacious starring characters portrayed. The obstacles and contentious issues were believably written and had me completely outraged on behalf of each of the characters. Loved this story and was so pleased with the finale and would not have complained if the story kept going :) A book that will be in my fave reads that I could go back to again. Talking Books      (5 stars! on Goodreads)


Really enjoyed this novel by Fiona Lowe. A pleasant, engaging writing style that is easy to read, an enjoyable plot involving complicated family secrets, mental health issues, and lost love which moves at a good pace, and authentic dialogue between sisters, mothers and extended family who have, at times, a fractious relationship (coming from a hugely dysfunctional family of three sisters, I can relate!). Genuinely recommend this novel as a great holiday or weekend read you can become engrossed in. Cate     (4 stars on Goodreads)



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