Dear Readers,

Books are often an amalgam of ideas and Daughter of Mine is no different. One idea for this multi-faceted book was sparked at a wedding. The bride and groom were in their early 70's. Both had been married before and had lost their partners to cancer. The wedding was a joyous time and a second chance at happiness for both. Their decision to marry however, wasn't without complications as they both had adult children and growing grandchildren. Each of the six children had a different opinion about the union as each have a different relationship with their parents. Although no one was publicly objecting, it got me thinking about how other families might react.

So I created a multi-generational family: a matriarch, her three adult daughters and their daughters and I gave them all their own set of issues, secrets and lies. Then I threw some serious life events at them and watched what happened.

Why did I set the book in the Western District of Victoria? It's a favourite place of mine. It is steeped in history and it has some magnificent houses that tell the story of privilege from money earned off the sheep's back more than a hundred years ago. I love old houses and gardens. Featuring two glorious Victorian homesteads in Daughter of Mine meant I could give free rein to my imagination and daydream about living in such houses.

Best wishes,



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