What you hold onto holds onto you. —John Maclean


Why is perfection so important to Harriet?

♦ "You lectured us on the importance of knowing where we come from so we know who are," Xara says to Harriet.  Do our ancestors have anything to do with who we are?

♦ Do you think that the birth order of the sisters plays any role in their personalities?

♦ Adult children are often challenged when their parents re-couple. What issues confront them?

♦ Edwina gave up a child in 1968 for respectability and paid a high price for keeping secrets and lies. In today’s society, what are the social taboos that ∗force families to keep secrets?

♦ Michelle is hesitant about getting to know her biological parents. What are some of the dilemmas faced by children who experienced closed adoption?

♦ Does society today judge single women who choose to be parents? Does age, socio-economic and educative status of the woman play a role?

♦ Xara and Harriet have very different mothering experiences. Do they have any understanding of the other’s challenges?


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