♦We’re spending our children’s inheritance is a popular bumper sticker. In the novel, Sarah says inheritance is a privilege not a right. Do adult children really believe this?

♦Experts say planning is important to avoid heir warfare but can emotion ever be taken out of a will?

♦With the Baby Boomers holding more than half of Australia’s wealth, elder abuse is on the rise. Is there any way of preventing this within families?

♦Family inheritance traditions today can still disadvantage women. Discuss.

♦Sibling rivalry does not always stop in childhood and can adversely affect adult interactions. Think about your siblings. When you gather, are there moments of reversion to childhood roles?

♦Sarah was judged by Anita for leaving her son when she moved out of Riverbend. Do you think women are judged more harshly than men if they move out of the family home?

♦Secrets and lies morph over time to become family folklore. How hard is it to dismantle long-held beliefs?



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