'How much do blood ties really matter? Are they more important than money? How much persecution can one suffer at the hands of their loved ones before they break?Lowe’s writing is distinctly Australian with its power to evoke grit and tenderness, joy and bleakness, tragedy and comedy, all at once.' Better Reading.

'Lowe is a master at painting believable characters with heart and soul that contribute to creating such an addictive read.' The Weekly Times

'Filled with credible characters and familiar situations, it makes for an emotional read.' Canberra Weekly

'If you enjoy stories of family and personal relationships set in Australia, I can recommend this book.'  Startsat60.

'I can’t express how much I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down.' Happy Valley Books.

'Birthright is a complex story that seamlessly intertwines many story lines. It is full of interesting characters that reveal more and more as the story progresses.  It is raw, incredibly engaging and reads beautifully.  I really loved this novel and cannot wait for Fiona’s next one!' The Big Book Club


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