Dear Readers,

Around the world, bushfires/wildfires are becoming more intense, burning longer and rural communities and those on the urban fringe are under threat. Think Australia, California and Oregon. I've experienced bushfire/wildfire and I wanted to write a novel exploring the issues of a community facing a natural disaster and the flow on effects in the following years.

This book is about four couples, all at different stages of their lives and how they rebuild their town and their relationships after a fire. Each of them experienced the fire differently. Some lost loved ones. Some lost their house. Some lost their jobs.

Women are the emotional rock of family and community. At the start of the book, the only thing Julie, Claire, Bec and Sophie have in common is their town burned to the ground. By the end of the novel, they discover friendship and support is key to survival.

Home Fires was first published in Australia in 2019 during yet another challenging and awful fire season and another followed in 2020 and 2022. California and Western Canada and during 2023, Greece and other parts of Europe.

Home Fires has universal themes and I do hope you enjoy reading it.
Best wishes,


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