♦  For some people, support groups play an important role in their recovery from grief, loss and trauma. Do you think single-sex support groups work better than unisex groups? If so, why?

♦  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is usually associated with soldiers who have seen active service. Do you think it is misdiagnosed in the general community and why?

♦   When a community suffers trauma, studies have shown that the rate of domestic violence rises, including in relationships that had never experienced violence. Why do you think this happens?

♦  Claire struggled to be accepted by her in-laws. Do you know anyone whose relationship has suffered difficulties due to interference by in-laws? How was it resolved? Did the relationship survive?

♦  Erica talks about how hard it is to break into the town when she hasn’t experienced the fire and she doesn’t know people’s stories. If someone doesn’t share their story, does this lessen their right to be upset when someone blunders in?

♦ What events in your town have pulled your community together?

♦   Family traditions are considered to be an important glue in families. What are your traditions?




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