I'd love to tell you a bit of background to The Money Club.

I live in a regional town that's been hit by three big scams in thirty years, so I've been thinking about writing the book for a while. As much as I am fascinated by people like Melissa Caddick, and what makes them tick, I wanted to write about the other people; those who willingly join a 'sure fire' money-making scheme and have their lives destroyed in the process, not only by the con artist but by the judgement of their community.

'They were greedy' people say. 'They wanted things too fast. They deserved it" But were they greedy? Is it greedy to want to own your own home? Educate your children? What about owning a Lamborghini? Who decides where the line is drawn between need and greed? And why do we experience a certain glee when a rich person loses everything?

Trust is inherent in the early stages of an elaborate con and people put their faith in someone they know and who they believe has their best interests at heart. As a result, these cons usually reverberate through families and workplaces, leaving entire communities reeling. I’ve explored the crushing emotions that hit us in a breach of trust—not only by the people who lost their money, but by those closest to the perpetrator—their family. Their world has been tilted on its axis and their sense of self is left battered and bleeding. They’re questioning everything they ever believed about their loved one who cheerfully ripped off so many people, including themselves.

The Money Club is set in the south-west of Victoria, deep in the heart of the horse racing community that arrived with the Irish in the 1800s. I needed a place where taking a punt on a sure thing is part of the town’s DNA. Plus it’s a beautiful part of the coast to immerse yourself in with no shortage of interesting stories. They have many racetracks in the district and a fabulous Irish festival that I just had to go to for research. You’re currently reading words written by the Koroit Soda Bread champion.

I really hope you enjoy walking in the shoes of Izzy, Lucy and Birdie as they live the good, and the not-so-good life, all the while facing some unforgiving truths about themselves. What will they do with that knowledge? Guess you’ll have to read The Money Club to find out.

Best wishes,

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