♦ Financial scams have always existed. Do you think a scheme that targets family and friends is more despicable than ripping off strangers?

♦ According to research by Relationships Australia, financial stress is the number one cause of relationship breakdown. Why do you think this is? 

♦ When a woman gains a mother-in-law, in many ways she gains a stranger. What are the cliches around mother-daughter-in-law relationships? What strategies are needed to foster positive relationships?

♦ The impact of financial scams can vibrate through families and workplaces, and some scams are so large they have placed country towns in recession. What are the ramifications when family and work relationships are exploited to this degree?

♦ The Australian dream of owning your own home is very different from other countries where more people rent than buy. Do you think this dream places too much pressure on people? Does it have a negative effect on quality of life or does it improve it? 

♦ Do you think as a society we place too much emphasis on consumerism? Is it possible to be content with less or is that a drop in living standards?

♦ For an average-income earner, having enough superannuation is a daunting task now that many people’s retirement years number more than thirty. Does the ever-present need for financial security open people up to taking risks?

♦ Juggling working outside the home and motherhood is an exhausting constant in many women lives. Is there a solution?



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